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Driving license law & Cannabis liberalization

For example, the emerging legal liberalization of the legal acquisition, possession and consumption of cannabis/THC products offers good opportunities for cannabis consumers.

We already offer good solutions that make it possible for cannabis patients to drive on the road!


Driving license law is an important area of traffic law. Mobility guarantees freedom of movement. For most people, having a driver’s license is something they take for granted every day. Those affected especially feel the consequences of the loss when their driving license is confiscated.

Driving license law

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Driving license revocation - possible causes

By law, there are several reasons why the responsible authority may impose a driving license revocation. For example, if you are found drunk driving, you may have to expect your driver's license to be lost for the time being. The same applies to those affected who have at least eight points in the traffic offenders' register in Flensburg. But age and illness can also lead to the authorities expressing doubts about your fitness to drive. For most of those affected, the driver's license is, to a certain extent, essential to their existence. People travel to work every day in their own car. Public transport is often hardly offered or perceived as an alternative on the journey. Anyone who loses their driving license in this situation may lose even more.

Legal help with driving license revocation

Regardless of the reason that led to the confiscation of the driving license, those affected should definitely consult a lawyer specializing in traffic law. There are many special features that need to be taken into account, especially in driving license law, which is part of administrative law. Practice shows that many people waste not only money, but also time. From a human perspective, this is completely understandable because the person concerned is desperate. From a lawyer's perspective, the process could often have been cheaper and quicker.

What does driving license law include?

Driving license law essentially regulates the conditions under which a driving license can be issued or withdrawn. Some applicants are surprised when they are not given their driving license after passing the test. The authority regularly justifies this approach with past misconduct. For example, the applicant was noticed riding a bicycle while intoxicated a few years earlier. Such entries may still be in your personal driving license file. As a rule, the authority then requires the submission of a medical or medical-psychological report (MPU). The traffic law lawyer checks the requirements very carefully. He explains to his clients whether the driving license authority was even allowed to make this decision. However, if the driving license was revoked due to a criminal offense, for example drunk driving, or because of a significant points account, the person concerned must apply for it to be reinstated. The submission of a medical-psychological report, which is also popularly known as the "idiot test", is regularly required. However, the person concerned can only apply for the reinstatement of their driving license after a ban period has been imposed. However, there are options for shortening this ban period . Nothing should be left to chance here. The experienced traffic lawyer can provide precise information on how the chances of success for an application to shorten the blocking period can be significantly increased. Those affected should under no circumstances miss this opportunity if they get back into the traffic as quickly as possible Want to enjoy mobility. In summary, driving license law regulates everything that is administratively related to the legal possession and loss of the driving license.

How can I defend myself against this?

As soon as the driving license authority makes a decision relating to driving license law, it is generally a so-called administrative act. Such decisions can be challenged through legal action. In order to avoid unnecessary costs in particular, the prospect of success must be examined in each specific individual case. However, appealing against a decision by the authority is often not hopeless. Even one mistake can be enough to successfully raise an objection. It is understandable that legal laypeople in particular have difficulty internalizing the regulations of driving license law within a short period of time. In this respect, the decision of the all-powerful authority appears to be inviolable. This is always not the case. Therefore, recipients should consult a traffic law lawyer as early as possible to explain their individual circumstances. Expert lawyers know the procedure and therefore know exactly which steps should be taken. Those affected do not need to worry that this will put them in a bad position with the authorities. Everyone has the right to be advised and, if necessary, represented in traffic law matters without being disadvantaged as a result. The advantages of having a driving license exam conducted by a traffic lawyer are obvious.

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