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MPU - medical-psychological examination

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The medical-psychological examination (MPU) is intended to assess a road user's fitness to drive. Officially, it is called “assessment of fitness to drive” and is carried out by the assessment center for fitness to drive. The authority distinguishes between drivers under the influence of drugs, drivers with impaired driving and aggressive drivers.

You already have an appointment
Get a medical psychological examination? 

Or are you worried that this one will soon come flying into your house? How should I behave, what can I say and how do I prepare for it? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the MPU! A medical-psychological examination - MPU for short - can be ordered in a variety of contexts, for example:

Drug or alcohol abuse, cannabis on prescription (CBD / flowers) / medical cannabis prescribed by a doctor

Reaching the 18 point limit

But also with regard to other crimes that also raise doubts about the physical and mental fitness to drive motor vehicles

When is an MPU performed?

Anyone who significantly or repeatedly violates traffic regulations or the local administrative authority has reasonable doubts about their fitness to drive must be subject to the MPU. The medical psychological examination - known as MPU for short - is feared by those affected. And rightly so. Around a third of the participants fail the complex examination. There are different reasons why someone has to go to MPU. The questions are therefore adapted to the individual case. There is no preparation for what is the best way to say. There are also no advice centers that will give you a positive report.

Preparation of the MPU

When it comes to an upcoming MPU, good preparation is everything. It is therefore beneficial to undergo an alcohol screening. This shows how long people have lived without drinking alcohol. Participating in a consultation also has a beneficial effect. Those affected can obtain information about such advice centers from the driving license offices. It has also proven useful to run through possible conversation scenarios. In this way, those affected have a coherent chain of reasoning and can demonstrate a new perspective on their behavior. Those affected should never forget that the MPU checks whether they have changed. In addition, it is also checked whether those affected have the character suitability to participate in road traffic.

The psychological examination of the MPU

The psychological examination is the biggest obstacle for most of those affected. Simply showing remorse is not enough! Psychologists quickly recognize whether there is a real desire to change behavior or not. The test takes around an hour. For example, questions are asked about your CV, personal development, professional development and financial circumstances as well as drinking habits. Then there is a conversation about the violations of the law that have been committed. The main focus here is on the lessons learned by those affected.

The MPU medical examination

The medical examination consists of a health test and a reaction test. It will be checked whether drug use or traffic-related medical illnesses are present. Questions about your medical history will also be asked and further examinations may be carried out. For example, liver values are checked. The aim is to determine whether and which substances someone has taken in the last few months. If the values deviate significantly from the standard values, this leads to a negative report. Many people rely on taking medication regularly. However, this may affect the test. Those affected should obtain a medical certificate in this regard. The reaction test is used to determine the resilience of those affected in road traffic. This is simulated through computer testing. Various pedals, levers and buttons have to be operated.

Tips for the MPU - Be critical of yourself

Those affected must critically examine their own behavior. A convincing presentation of why the behavior would like to be changed in the future is of great importance. Because no expert will ever believe that those affected can change overnight. Never portray yourself as a victim or blame others!

Cost of the MPU

That depends on the individual case - exceeding points in Flensburg is cheaper than drinking or taking drugs. The pure costs are between 340 euros and 740 euros. There are also costs for re-applying for a driving license and any preparatory measures - such as training and traffic therapy as well as hair and urine analyses. This can cost up to 2,500 euros with everything.

Be careful when getting a driving license abroad

Therefore, providers who guarantee that you can easily obtain a new driving license in neighboring countries are becoming increasingly popular. But this is where caution is required! Because regardless of EU case lawDriving license law Driving licenses acquired abroad are often not recognized in this country. This can result not only in unexpectedly high costs, but even in criminal proceedings. The effort that went into obtaining a driving license abroad then turns out to be completely in vain, which can be avoided with comprehensive advice from a lawyer you trust.

Help from a specialist lawyer

But also when it is imminent or has already happenedDriving license revocation Criminal Lawyercan I help you. Unfortunately, it has recently become more and more common that the driving license office tries, in direct contact with the person concerned, to persuade them (wrongly) to return the driver's license early - without the person concerned first seeking legal advice. I strongly advise against going into this!

ADriving license revocation can also be done by the court if, in connection with criminal proceedings, it has come to the conclusion that the defendant is unfit to drive a motor vehicle. As a rule, a blocking period for obtaining a new driving license is also imposed at the same time.

Since all of this threatens the existence of most of those affected, I am there to help them with years of experience.

In this context, it is first necessary to have a consultation in which your personal needs are discussed in order to show you the best and fastest way to regain your driving license and also to shorten the suspension period. I would be happy to advise you individually in close cooperation with officially recognized and accredited institutes for traffic psychology.

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