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Legal fees & Initial consultation

In principle, the lawyer's remuneration is based on the statutory provisions of the RVG (Lawyer Remuneration Act) and the GKG (Court Fees Act).
With regard to out-of-court and in-court representation, the costs usually depend on the amount of the dispute. However, we would be happy to inform you about this in detail - especially in connection with the expected cost-benefit risk.

If the person seeking advice has legal protection insurance, you can expect full coverage of the legal fees incurred, but also expert costs and even the costs of an objection notice in the driving license procedure or similar!

  • We usually offer an initial consultation to discuss your legal problem for private individuals at a price of €190 including VAT up to €250. The costs of the initial consultation will be offset against the costs of further work on the same matter.

  • The costs of a consultation of between €190 and €250 are usually covered by legal protection insurance. There are legal protection insurance companies that offer subsequent/retroactive traffic legal protection - you can find offers for this on the Internet (such as:ARAG SE General Legal Protection Insurance AG).

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